Why a 60i Certificate For Divorce Cases is a Necessary Part of The Process

Why a 60i Certificate For Divorce Cases is a Necessary Part of The Process

Couple having a conflict

There will come a time for certain couples when they cannot come to terms with their parenting duties once a separation has been put into motion.

Although this impasse can feel significant at the time, there are solutions at hand that can facilitate a successful outcome for all sides.

This is where the 60i certificate for divorce cases is introduced, a provision that is required by the Family Law Act to provide mediation.

As soon as the certificate has been obtained, then an application can be lodged to the court for official Parenting Orders.

We will examine in further detail why this happens to be a key component of the process.


Helps to Clarify Attendance

The importance of the 60i certificate for divorce cases is essential in clarifying the attendance of a client during the process. That is the purpose of this form, giving the court officials the chance to validate their presence during these key sessions by outlining their involvement from the start to the end. Without this element being covered, the lodgment of Parenting Orders cannot be obtained.


Stipulates Different Examples Within The Certificate

The 60i certificate for divorce cases won’t detail the exact same example from one situation to the next. The document will detail if there was a failure of attendance, if there was a refusal to take part, if there was no genuine effort to resolve differences or if the family dispute resolution representative believed it was not valid to continue. That is key information that will be stipulated on the document.


Encourages The Mediation Process

One of the main components that happen to be identified with the 60i certificate for divorce cases is the process of mediation for men and women. There is a degree of compliance necessary for participants in these settings, giving them the chance to leverage a program that is voluntary and empowers them to reach their own unique agreement. By venturing down this path, community members don’t have to be dragged through a litigation battle in the courts, saving them time and money.


Working With Independent Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

60i certificate for divorce being signed

Certificates of this nature are not sent directly through the hands of lawyers at first as they have a keen stake in the outcome of the divorce, but with family dispute resolution specialists. These professionals act as the independent body, giving both sides the opportunity to air their grievances, come to the table in good faith and complete their applications in due course.


Client Confidentiality

Nothing personal that is disclosed during consultations will be privy the process of drafting the 60i certificate for divorce cases. Clients can talk openly with the other spouse and with the family dispute resolution practitioners while consulting with their legal representatives behind the scenes. This is a discrete environment regardless of the outcome.


Some Exemptions Are In-Play

It is important to stress that there are some exemptions that are extended to the 60i certificate for divorce cases when the document cannot be completed. If there happens to be evidence of child abuse or family violence, if there is risk of abuse through delay in the court system, if there is contravention of an existing order, when there is physical incapacity or if the matter is deemed urgent, then potential exemptions can be ruled.


The 60i certificate for divorce cases is an important component of the separation process because it protects the interests of the children first and foremost. While each spouse will find logistical advantages for attending mediation, it will be the sons and daughters who will see their parents working together to reach a conclusion that is in their best interests.