The Importance Of The Koru Necklace

The Importance Of The Koru Necklace

Koru necklace

With its beautiful design and layered meaning, the Koru is one of the most notable designs that originate from the Maori people. It is a foundational symbol of this culture and serves as a direct link to their customs and traditions. From internal growth to new life, a Koru necklace represents a diverse array of meaningful values and is a testament to the spirituality and beliefs of the Maori. Continue reading to explore more about this unique symbol and its importance.

What is the Koru symbol?

Like many native peoples, the Maori believed in gods and goddesses who were an integral part of the natural order of the world. These beliefs influenced the respect of their surrounding environment and rituals that were rooted in an appreciation of the sun, water, and soil.

In this same regard, the Maori people had the utmost respect for the Silver Fern which was a significant part of their religious practices. The fronds from the tree were meant to be the markings of a new season and the start of a new calendar. With this fern holding so much meaning, it makes sense that the Koru would be modeled after its look. Because they share similar designs, their values are synonymous with one another and are a reminder of this sense of natural beauty and tradition.

Importance of the Koru to the Maori

Koru necklace

Even beyond the Koru being interconnected with long-held traditions and the relation to the Silver Fern, the symbol holds importance to the Maori in a variety of other ways as well. For example, for thousands of years, the Koru has been a focal point within the art and designs historically produced by the Maori. In fact, the symbol has been uncovered by archaeologists in the ancient dwellings of the tribe.

What values does the Koru symbolize?

As mentioned earlier, the Koru symbolizes several important values and messages that members of the Maori tribe hold close to their identities. These include:

Growth: The symbol represents progression and movement specifically in the context of eternal regeneration and personal development. Along with this, it is meant to show the existence of potential within beings and the things that they can evolve into over time.

Harmony: The value of harmony is one that is commonplace among tribes who hold a deep appreciation for nature. The Koru is meant to show a connection between the Maori people and the environment that they make use of — it is an interdependent relationship that brings about wellness to both entities in an equitable way. This can be seen in the design of the Koru itself which is designed to be proportional and reveal a sense of equilibrium in the universe.

Life: The spiral design of the Koru resembles that of the Silver Fern and its budding branches. Both of these images are supposed to be a symbol of existence and survival on Earth as well as showing the power of life that is reinforced by natural states of being.