Is Shisheido Hair Straightening Permanent?

Is Shisheido Hair Straightening Permanent?

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Hair is an important component of your overall look. It is often the style choice that determines whether you feel great, or feel self-conscious. It’s a big factor in the way you feel and can have a huge impact on your level of confidence!

Woman frequently struggle with trying to maintain the look of their hair, especially when they have naturally curly hair, or a mane prone to frizz. Controlling unruly locks can be a big task and many women understand how time-consuming it can often be to spend time trying to wash and style their hair.

It is often very annoying to have your styling efforts unraveled by high humidity or rainfall, and a lot of women are frustrated to find that they have fly-away’s regardless of what they do, but luckily there is a solution.

Modern solutions to an old problem

Modern technologies and advances in technology have seen new therapies like Shiseido hair straightening introduced. People with frizzy hair don’t have to put up with it any longer, now you can get the pin-straight hair you’ve always dreamed of. Shiseido hair straightening treatments are capable of entirely changing the look of your natural head of hair and are able to minimise your morning routine to just minutes.

So what is this treatment shisheido hair straightening exactly? To put it briefly, it is a chemical hair treatment therapy that utilises heat and chemicals to break the bonds of your hair, this allows it to be reshaped and straightened. Many people consider this treatment to be minimally damaging when done correctly and it is often preferred over keratin treatments. These treatments have attracted negative attention lately due to the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde. The popular Shisheido hair straightening treatment is considered to be relatively safe and doesn’t pose the same level of risk as therapies that include formaldehyde for your hair. In fact, this form of hair treatment has been popular for decades, although it’s taken a while to get to Australia. Since reaching our shores it has quickly gained popularity and made its way to a lot of Australian salons.

What to expect

Woman's hair after a Shiseido hair straightening treatment

Shisheido hair straightening provides instant results (although the treatment takes a number of hours in the salon). You’ll walk out with smoother, silkier and much straighter hair immediately after. It’s known as a permanent hair treatment because it actually changes the structure of hair follicles but your hair will begin to grow out and your roots will be your original texture, so you will need to attend the hairdresser for treatments on your roots on a semi-regular basis. Those with curly or very textured hair will likely find that they need to visit the hairdresser more often.

What to consider

It’s very important to think carefully about whether or not this treatment is right for you. Although it can be eventually grown out, it cannot be reverse so you must decide whether it will help you achieve the look you’re going for. You should also take the time to find someone experienced and confident in shisheido hair straightening. Your hair is very important to your appearance and self-confidence so you should make sure you find someone trustworthy who will do a good job. Whilst shisheido hair straightening is much safer than other treatments, it is still a chemical process so it’s important that your hairdresser understands how to do it properly and has the proper training under their belt. There are also a few things you should keep in mind; primarily that the treatment can lighten your hair one to two shades if you have had it previously coloured, you also will not be allowed to wash your hair for a number of days after the treatment.