4 Simple Reasons Why Bamboo Decking Is The Innovative Choice

4 Simple Reasons Why Bamboo Decking Is The Innovative Choice

Backyard with bamboo decking

When it comes to furnishing a home or refurbishing one, the choice of materials is almost as important as the process itself. Bamboo decking, teak furniture, oak walls, the choices are endless. Without a solid and well-thought-out plan of attack, the price and time spent searching for the right material will end up costing more than you care to admit.

Of all the areas of the home, the outdoor area is amongst the most hotly contested areas of debate for wood materials especially. The rising star of eco-friendly options is bamboo decking. The material being used in the outdoor floor has some fantastically unique features that puts it a cut above the rest in terms of the wiser choice.

Today we will explore 4 of the top tier reasons to go with bamboo decking.

1.   Sustainable

One of the hallmark features of bamboo decking is the sustainability factor of the material and its sources. Being wood-based, it is of course cultivated as it grows. One of the key separators from other alternatives like typical timbers and oak woods is the incredible agile regrowth turnover. The material for bamboo decking can be cultivated in a third of the time of its competitors which is a definitive bonus for the environmentally-minded as average hardwood which takes around 50 years to regrow fully.

2.   Affordable

You may have noticed that hardwood alternatives are getting more and more expensive as time goes on. This is due to the fact that they are increasingly harder to cultivate in the time and demand for the market. Bamboo decking aims to keep it affordable for a few different reasons. Not the least of which, the quick turnover of growth as we previously mentioned. It also saves money in terms of the installation time in comparison to its competitors.

Due to its simple and elegant design and ease of movement and placement, bamboo decking can be constructed in a fraction of the time as its competitors, cutting labour costs and overall stress that can associate with construction.

3.   Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo decking is known as the eco-friendly option for several reasons. Not the least of which being its uniquely environmentally stabilising natural features. The material itself is referred to as a natural air cleaner, being able to absorb CO2 gas from the atmosphere in a more effective manner than its counterparts.

Another unintended but equally useful aspect of bamboo decking is the natural aversion the material has to rot and pests. This may not appear to be environmentally friendly off the bat, but compared to alternative options available, the lack of chemicals and treatments that will be required in the long run will be better for the environment and the surrounding flora of a garden.

4.   Durability at Its Finest

There is a very specific reason the material is known as ‘green steel’. The nimble and incredibly durable material comprising bamboo decking cannot be overstated, a superior grain and clean and concise cut will ensure sturdy and long-lasting support. Combine this with the lack of rot, termite infestation and the incredible ease of installation, there’s no logical reason to avoid considering bamboo decking. It is a sustainable, green and plentiful material that will support your new or refurbished home for years to come. We didn’t even mention the fact that it ages like a fine wine, gaining a beautiful neutral light colour as it naturally progresses through the years. So, you can feel rest assured that your new backyard will look elegant and durable.